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Motivational speaker Bob Mann is an experienced businessman who delivers presentations on creative business ideas using storytelling. Bob Mann is an experienced sales expert. He has sold hundreds of millions in the past decades. His career and experiences range from textiles to grocery retail and foodservice to entrepreneurship. Bob Mann serves organizations nationwide.

As a salespeople motivator, Bob Mann specializes in sharing ways to successfully use both conventional and “outside-of-the-box” methods and philosophies to meet customers’ expectations and increase sales performance for anyone.

Every organization has a unique culture, and occasionally needs a jolt of motivation and humor to maintain freshness and productivity. Robert Mann, who prefers to be called Bob, can do that for your organization in a fun-filled, Alabama-tinged presentation designed to energize anyone in the audience.

Listen to ways of solving problems for outstanding leadership. Bob Mann has a unique life story that took him from humble beginnings in Alabama to a successful career in grocery retail entrepreneurship. Bob Mann keeps the audience entertained with stories while exploring business content. Inject your sales force with renewed energy and enthusiasm through motivational humor.

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