Bob Mann

Motivational Humorist and Business Superstar

Bob Mann is an experienced business man who delivers presentations on creative business ideas using storytelling.

Bob Mann grew up in Alabama. He is not just a motivator, he is a sales expert. He has sold hundreds of millions in the past decades. His career and experiences range from textiles to grocery retail and food service to entrepreneurship. Each experience brought learning and insights that sharpened both his business expertise and ability to understand and motivate people.

As a sales people motivator, Bob Mann specializes in sharing ways to successfully use both conventional and “outside of the box” methods and philosophies to meet customers’ expectations and increase sales performance for anyone.

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Keynote Speaker Topics for 2019

Bob Mann delivers an unforgettable experience and audiences nationwide love him!

Bob Mann Motivates career minded individuals

Connect the Leadership Dots

Motivational speech to encourage and empower. Listen to Bob’s ways of solving problems.

Get Inspired
Bob Mann Motivates career minded individuals

Insight for Sales Professionals

Bob tells how he sold millions of dollars and shares his signature Million Dollar Question.

Sell More
Bob Mann Motivates career minded individuals

Start Laughing Your Way to Success

Popular southern fried story that has brought laughter to many over the years with fresh content.

Motivational Humor


Every American business and organization has a unique culture, and every culture occasionally needs a jolt of motivation and humor to maintain freshness cultural health, and productivity. Robert Mann, who prefers to be called Bob, can do that for your culture in a fun-filled, Alabama-tinged presentation designed to energize anyone in the audience.

Americans have always loved humor as evidenced by the long-lasting popularity of humorists like Mark Twain and Will Rogers. Bob Mann can help you and your culture whether that culture is located in a school district, a Chamber of Commerce or an association or business of any type.

Inject your sales force with renewed energy and enthusiasm through Bob Mann’s motivational humor.
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Bob Mann - Motivational Humorist and Business Superstar

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Episode 5 : Humility

Humility is an often overlooked business trait that many younger managers and employees are unfamiliar with, in the workplace. And it applies to some older managers as well. But humility is a character trait that every manager and employee should work hard to develop. Humility magnifies all your other positive attributes, without you having to point them out to others. Humility lets you be confident and comfortable in your abilities, without having a huge ego. It endears your associates to you, as well as brings out the best in them. Humble leaders put the company's success and their employees' success ahead of their own. As the water rises, all in the boat are rewarded !!! Humility is a personality trait that can bring out the best in you and your team. It will make you a better leader and better person.

Date: 06-01-17

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