14 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Motivation is a key to being successful in any endeavor be it losing weight or meeting sales goals. This year I’m introducing a new keynote that I can’t wait to share with companies and organizations. The new keynote focuses on Over The Top Performance, which I’m calling OTTP.

I think we can all agree that part of achieving top performance is to stay motivated. If a sales manager or even a sales team member wants to reach over the top performance, they need to stay motivated personally as well as motivate the rest of the team.

In today’s blog, I want to offer 14 ideas to keep in mind when motivating your sales team. I’ve talked about many of these concepts before, but I think it’s important to reframe them into this context.

Remember nothing happens until something is sold. This is a mental picture you can paint for the sales team to show that nothing happens until the sale is actually finalized. Until a company makes money, it can’t afford to innovate new products or services, or even pay employees.

Relationships are vital. Successful relationship building is vital along the entire process. You must have a good relationship with your buyer, your sales team, and everyone in your company who is a part of the process to getting your products created and sold. People do business with those they respect and trust!

Help others succeed. Servant leadership means getting to know your sales team personally, not just their skillset as a salesperson. Getting to know your sales team personally means also better understanding what types of things motivates them to success and how you can help them individually.

Continual training. I can’t say this enough. You must be in a continual, life-long learning process. Whether it’s staying abreast of the latest methods or tools that are available, you need to never stop learning. And, it’s also important to focus on personal development outside the office. No one works in a silo. Who we are as a person can strengthen (or weaken!) who we are in our jobs?

Recognize top performers. Make sure you recognize the top performers in front of the sales team and company management. It helps build pride and a sense of equity.

Sundown rule. The sundown rule is that you make sure to get things done by “sundown” (the end of the workday). Whether this is creating a proposal or reaching out to someone, you need to motivate your sales team to be accountable and keep a sense of urgency.

Fight for productivity. Develop good relationships with the various teams associated with the production process from management to transportation. As the salesperson, it’s your job to not only make the initial sale, but to make sure the products are delivered on time and of high quality. If you find that one of the pertinent departments in your company aren’t doing what they should, push them to step up.

“Whatever it takes.” This should be the only job description of every single salesperson on your team. Do whatever it takes to meet the customer needs so you can make that sale.

Understand that “No” is unacceptable. No can mean many things. It can mean not right now, or that what is being offered is not what they want or need. Find out their why and make changes to get that yet.

Have clear and concise goals. This is true for individual goals and team goals. Make sure the goals are clear and measurable. Every person on the team wins when personal and team goals are met.

Encourage collaboration. Collaborate between the different teams in your company. The cliché “it takes a village” applies to customer service, too! Make sure to keep the sales person in the loop in how production and innovation are moving along.

Work for a right fit. Each client is different, and each salesperson is different. It’s important to be aware of company cultures and how different personalities might interact. Your sales approach needs to fit the culture of the company you’re trying to sell to!

Solve problems. As a salesperson, you need to solve problems not sell a product. Yes, you’re trying to make a sale, but the product needs to fit an actual need otherwise it won’t be as effective.

Communication is key. Just like collaboration, communication is key to success as a salesperson. This means not only having the right message but also using the right platforms. Some clients will prefer email, others text message, and many still like a phone call. Be proficient at all and be flexible in how you use them!

With these 14 ways to motivate your sales team, you can easily be on your way to reaching goals for 2019. Do you want to inspire your company or colleagues to reach their Over The Top Performance? I’d love to talk with you about keynoting your conference or event.