Is 2018 slipping away without your goals being on track?

It may seem like it was not that long ago that you were making goals or resolutions for how you wanted your personal life and your business to look like in 2018.

It might shock you to realize that those goals are now about three months old! That’s more than 17 percent of the year that’s already gone. Let me ask you this, does the progress on your goals or resolutions match that progress rate? Let me ask you something else: how much planning went into your goals? What are you doing to get others to buy into your plan?

Remember the 5 Ps
This is where I want to remind you about something that is so vital to the success of any venture, of any plan. The 5 Ps that I talk about all the time are so true in this situation! Here they are: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

I see too many people suddenly realize in June or July that they are way behind on accomplishing their goals. They then either give up, or they frantically try to catch up. Both are ways to pretty much guarantee that your goals will not be met in a satisfactory manner. Even if you hit the numbers, you will be worn out and morale will be low.

I want you to do something right now. Stop and evaluate your progress. Are you about 17 percent towards your goal? If so, that’s fantastic! Congratulations! If not, evaluate why. Is it a lack of planning? Do you not have the buy-in for those who should be helping you meet your goals or resolutions?

In one of my recent blogs, I talked about eight reasons that salespersons often make better managers. One of the reasons is that sales personnel are accustomed to, and quite adept at, setting goals and then defining what needs to happen to meet those goals. You may not have specific experience in sales yet, but I think it’s wise for you to adopt that mindset if you want your goals to actually come to fruition. Using the 5Ps method will guide you through this vital process.

Getting buy-in from your team
I’ve also shared before how every single interaction we have is a sales transaction, whether it’s trading money for goods and services, or simply getting someone to buy into your idea and plan. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, or you’re a manager of a major retail supplier company, you must be able to convince people to buy into your ideas if the goals for your business are to be met.

You may not know this, but I’m the CEO of a company called TightRope Ventures. We help our clients reach unparalleled success by providing comprehensive education and support to vendors via training events throughout the country and individualized coaching for companies on how to excel within the retail ecosystem.

At TightRope, we use the 5Ps extensively and it’s why our fledgling company has already been successful and are even planning our first national conference in Atlanta this April. The planning process is an easy application to any process. They make it easy to track your results and make adjustments as needed … before you discover that you’re so far off track that you won’t succeed.

Your goals, your venture, can be as successful as you want it to be. You just have to plan and get the right people to help execute that plan.

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