Adapt and Overcome

2020 was a doozy of a year. There were many changes to the way we all were accustomed to going through our daily lives – and for a great number of us, the “daily grind” ground to a halt. The changes that occurred were not only to the physical routine of life, there were also changes in perception; for some, a change in focus from the internal me to the outward we and others. In a sense, the world has been put into a situation in which we are all in this together – but at a social distance, even relative isolation for some.

For all the changes we have experienced, however, some fundamental concepts remain the same. Humans remain creatures that require connection, some form of contact and interaction with other humans. People have physical needs such as food, clothing, even entertainment and amusement – some form of intellectual engagement. The primary changes involve not the “what” of these concepts, but the “how.”

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. When we look closer at the idea of changes in “how,” we can see that while there has been a shift toward a greater role and significance of technology and access to digital services for the public in general, it is not an outright change so much as an increase and acceleration of something that was already beginning to happen.

What does that mean for the entrepreneur and sales professional? It means that the key concepts of what you do remain the same. Your success depends on meeting the needs of your customers. You’ll need to learn and implement new tools and methods of connecting with them, listening to what they want, their concerns, what’s important to them; adapting to and overcoming the new “physical” hurdles to traditional ways of doing business that no longer are the norm. Your goal is still to deliver excellence in service on all fronts.

The good news is, with these new methods come some very valuable tools that can help you efficiently and effectively gather and put the information you need to use. Analytics that can break down trends in preferences and shopping behaviors – in general, in your industry, and even your customers – are available with many of the platforms and applications available in the new marketing and sales landscape. An additional benefit to these tools is that they provide this information in near real time. This allows you to keep up with and address trends in a timely manner and can even help you decide whether to address them with product features, demo videos, or blog/vlog entries.

So, let’s go 2021! Take a deep breath, one foot in front of the other, you’ve got this.