Business Practices That Will Keep You #1


Kick off your next major professional developmental session by allowing Bob Mann explain why and how having eyes and ears everywhere keeps you on top.

Competition is fierce with the industry leader being a target for competing brands. Purposeful attention to detail across the entire business structure is essential. Bob can reach every person in every position and show how they can be part of your company’s army. In-house people such as those in inventory and logistics see the importance of their constant attention. Salespeople play a role in discovering what competitors are doing because upcoming trends can take a leader unaware. Sometimes new trends can be deceptively simple, such as customer preference for Instagram over Facebook or spicy flavors over sweet-and-sour ones, which then steers promotional people and R&D in the right direction. Everybody matters, and knowing that sparks enthusiasm, teamwork, and greater effort.

Participants will learn the importance of:

* Training field people to build relationships as a way of gaining information

* Training supervisors to be open to the suggestion and ideas of those they oversee

* Networking so everyone looks to you is the top player in the business.

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