Choosing quality training programs

Anyone who has read this blog or heard me speak knows how much I value lifelong learning no matter what industry you’re in. There will always be new techniques, new ideas and new skills to learn.

Whether I’m learning about how to be a better public speaker, trainer, or salesman, I value quality trainings from a variety of different sources. What kinds of trainings you choose will depend on your own needs, but I today I wanted to give you an idea of what I choose and why.

First, are you a part of any associations that provide suggestions? I’m a member of the National Speakers Association and appreciate their recommendations for training seminars and educational materials. These recommendations can be found in the Resources area of their website, in posts and promotional information on their social media, and in their bi-monthly publication, Speaker Magazine. If you aspire to be a professional public speaker, I highly recommend joining this organization and taking advantage of their many educational opportunities.

I would also ask what your objective is when choosing your training and development sessions. Whenever I look at training opportunities, whether it’s through the NSA or any other organization, I look for the chance to learn skills I don’t already have. You may be interested in new skills, but also in skills that you already have but you want to improve or refine to serve your customers better.

Another thing to consider is how the trainings are delivered. I’ve found some value in video or online courses, but my preferred learning style is usually in-person training sessions.

Finally, I also look at training or seminars from other professionals I admire. I’m an avid reader and if I find an author that resonates with me, I often seek out that author’s website and figure out if they offer public speaking or training opportunities. On a side note, if you are an author and you aren’t offering seminars of some kind, you are likely missing out on a great opportunity!