Don’t Let The Minimum Be Your Maximum


Let Bob Mann redirect you. Pride in your success can overcome the ravenous hunger that made you successful in the first place. The purpose of this session is to outline methods for continuing to improve upon your success far into the future.

Most companies and managers understand that business runs in cycles but do not prepare themselves for sustaining – and perhaps even thriving – during the downturns. Putting success on cruise control and doing the minimum because that is what has worked in the past creates a tremendous opportunity for predatory and hungry competitors who are pouring huge amounts of money and effort into new technology, streamlining procedures, and finding new ways to reach out to consumers. Companies need to be hustling at the peak of their success like they did when they began.

Participants will learn the importance of:

* Training field people to build relationships as a way of gaining information

* Training supervisors to be open to the suggestions and ideas of those they oversee

* Networking so everyone looks to you as the top player in the business.

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