Obstacle to Opportunity

A significant obstacle came immediately after I earned a degree in textile engineering. I entered the job market during a textile crisis when higher level jobs were scarce. I worked at what I could find, always searching for advancement and a niche that fit my evolving vision and desire to sell. During that time, a friend worked for a company named Sunnyland Foods.

The company was privately owned and old-school in management style meaning sales positions were filled by promoted truck drivers rather than those trained and educated in sales. I often visited my friend on weekends when met the owners of Sunnyland Foods who also happened to be huge Auburn fans.

Auburn and football may have brought us together, but my ability to build relationships with people grabbed their attention because I had done so with them openly and honestly, not bad for college boy in their eyes. I did the same with their customers and often during social events. The result was that I soon became sales manager, long before what was typical because customers knew I would do whatever was necessary to ensure any transaction was honorably and completely fulfilled.

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