How caring makes you a better boss

I talk a lot on this blog about how to be successful at life and business. I firmly believe that being a caring person is vital to being successful no matter what part of your journey you’re dealing with.

Today, however, I’m going to focus on the value of being a caring person in the business world. This is a major key to your success whether you’re an employee of a company or you’re a vendor working to develop a relationship with a buyer.

Why you should care
There’s the old saying that says “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” I can’t tell you how true that statement is! People don’t care if you’re the most brilliant, talented person at your job if you don’t care about them and their needs. I’d go as far to say that it’s nearly impossible to do business with someone if they don’t know that you care.

So why does sincere caring for others make such a big difference? None of us operate in a vacuum. We all are a part of a team in one way or another, even if you’re a talking about a consultant/client relationship. When you care about each of the team members and their needs, that strengthens the team. A strong team strengthens the company.

How you can care
What does caring look like? First, this is what it doesn’t look like: I’ve seen too many in authority positions take all the credit when things go right and when things go wrong, they blame the team for everything.

A caring manager heaps praise on their team when they are successful. On the same token, that caring manager takes responsibility and regroups the team to troubleshoot a failure and develop a plan for fixing the problem.

Smart, caring managers know that the path to their own success comes from the team working well together and they strive to make that happen. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen too many non-caring bosses find ways to weasel out of responsibility for failures, but they still push to be promoted.

Here’s the thing. Part of being caring means you realize that it’s not your own ambition or even the supervisors above you that gets you promoted. It’s your team. The people who work for you will get you either promoted of fired. The bosses above you may make the decision on promotions and they deliver the news. But it’s how you manage and encourage your team that works below you that makes all the difference.

The effects on your team
Have you ever had a boss who felt like the way to lead was to be a hard-ass? Or perhaps you’ve tried this method of leadership. You hopefully picked up on the fact that taking a hard line with employees not only didn’t make them work harder, it instead ruined morale. Fearful employees do not respect or trust a boss who acts like a hard-ass. Instead, they might even do something to sabotage the team’s success as revenge.

On the other hand, if employees feel like their boss cares about them and their success, those employees will feel valued and appreciated. Employees who feel that way will without a doubt go above and beyond to achieve the mission.

6 things to do that lets your team know you care
We’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about the value of caring, why you should care, and how to show that you care. I want to close by sharing six tangible steps for letting your team know you care:

  • Never act more like you’re more important than your team
  • Show that you care about them personally, not just professionally
  • Always back them in front of clients and handle any negative conversations privately
  • Be transparent and real
  • Take time to listen to them
  • Put them in a position so that they can grow more opportunities for success.

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