Is procrastination keeping you from achieving the success you deserve?

Today, I want to talk to you about procrastination. Everybody’s form of procrastination is different, and everybody finds different ways to procrastinate. Many people do not achieve success and it’s not because they lack the skills or information they need. They just waste hours on the internet, on their cell phones, playing games, or anything that distracts them from doing the things that they’ve convinced themselves can be put off until tomorrow. 

Many people who procrastinate have fewer successes because it’s hard for them to get started or they start very slowly. Procrastinators always have excuses like having a headache or claiming to be a perfectionist. They can find anything to keep them from getting started on what they should be doing. 

I am guilty of procrastination. I am as guilty of procrastination as everyone is. But I try to limit my procrastination to 30 minutes a day. Can you identify what you do to procrastinate?
If you are aware that you procrastinate and waste time, you can take action and eliminate the time you waste. But you must at least be aware of the time you waste and how you waste it.

Cutting down on procrastination in the workplace

Some of your coworkers will use you to procrastinate by coming into your office just to gossip or BS. You have to take control of your office space and your time so that it won’t be wasted. If you tell the people that enter your office that you are working on something important and if they please excuse themselves, it won’t take but a time or two for them to really get the message. Do it in a friendly, non-threatening way, though. Be nice about it!

It takes discipline to stay focused and get your to-do list done or get the things most important done. If others around you see you exceeding expectations, they will want to know how you’re doing it. This opens up the door for you to mentor your peers and help the business overall grow and prosper. Remember, behavior is contagious – good or bad.

How to finish overwhelming tasks without procrastinating

Most everyone has a to-do list and some even rank the to-do list according to importance of getting things done. But the key to achievement is to break the task down into bite-sized pieces that can be accomplished as opposed to looking at the entire process. A lot of people look at the entire project and get overwhelmed, so they do nothing. Take one day at a time. Finish small tasks that will get you closer to your goal.

The longer you procrastinate, the harder it is to get started and then complete it. Procrastinators keep getting ready to get ready. They’re going to do it, but they’re not quite there, so they keep getting ready to get ready to get ready… and guess what? They never get started. Procrastination is probably one of the biggest reasons people never reach their potential. Procrastination doesn’t ease anxiety, it actually just delays it, worries you, and becomes bigger than it should.

So, take some time to figure out how you tend to procrastinate and limit those things this week. Reach your full potential!

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