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Traditional “how to” meetings and educational material can inform but rarely motivate. The audience enjoys listening to a variety of business stories from Bob’s working experience and how he became successful.

He uses the story telling techniques he learned from his parents who were both educators. Having educators for parents taught Bob Mann that people learn and remember best through shorter humorous informational bursts wrapped in storytelling.

Being raised in the southern storytelling tradition, the above approach is natural to him and far more effective than day long conferences and professional development sessions.

Bob Mann

Who invites Bob Mann?

National or local associations, chamber of commerce, schools, teachers, clubs, small business organizations, corporate groups, human resources groups, health professionals, executives, etc… Bob Mann is available for Keynote presentations or breakout sessions.
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Bob Mann is an experienced business man who delivers presentations on creative business ideas using storytelling.
As a sales people motivator, Bob Mann specializes in sharing ways to successfully use both conventional and “outside of the box” methods and philosophies to meet customers’ expectations and increase sales performance for anyone.

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