This must have keynote address, punctuated by Bob Mann’s humor and energy, offers an insightful view into sales, every company’s lifeblood. Sales is known for cutthroat competition with companies vying for the best prices and delivery systems as well as the most favorable sales terms. The myriad of available books are of little help because modern lifestyle is fast-paced – and reading is not. This live presentation is the best vehicle for delivering important information and techniques people will not only retain, but actually use.

Sales growth and margins are always at risk, and teamwork is essential in minimizing that risk. Participants will learn the value of continuous learning in a competitive atmosphere, conventional and “out-of-the-box” methods to exceed customer demands and an amazingly successful but simple question that startles prospective clients into becoming new sales.

Participants will learn how to:

* Identify and be proud of their role in the sales success of the company

* Work harder and smarter

* Crush the competition by knowing exactly who they really are and how they work

* Ask the Million Dollar Question.

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