One thing you need to grow sales

I get asked all the time about how a company can grow its sales without adding a bunch of additional costs. This is a smart question because, as we’ve talked before, nothing happens in the company without sales. The lights don’t stay on, employees don’t get paid, and ultimately, a company that can’t meet their sales goals will go under.

Sounds dire, but let me reassure you: doing one thing will be a major game changer when it comes to your sales. It costs little to no extra money and will improve your company in other ways besides growing your bottom line.

You need to get everyone in the company involved with sales. I’m not saying to only hire sales staff! Create a culture in your company where every person who works there can easily share what your company does, who they can help, and how to get someone in touch with the right people to make the final sale.

What we did at Club Marketing was this: we instilled the “whatever it takes” attitude in all our employees and we made sure each person was well-versed in what we did and how we can help. We recognized that each employee had their respective spheres of influence and, by each person being able to “evangelize” about Club Marketing’s work, we were therefore growing our company’s reach.

How does that work? Think of it just like networking. In fact, it isn’t “just like,” it is networking. Say you have someone from your office staff who visits a friend’s house for a party. When most adults meet new people, one of the first questions is, “what do you do for a living?” One of the next questions is often “what does that company do?”. Here is where the office employee can quickly and easily share what your company does.

There really is no telling how many customers we got through contact with employees who were not on the official sales team! We were blessed several times over, by our chefs, our analyst, and even our receptionist, by bringing in new prospective clients. Plus, we had a reward system to incentivize our team, too.

Smart top executives know that getting all employees to buy in to selling our company with everyone they know. It makes a huge difference, not only in sales, but also in morale of the entire company. It gets everyone involved, to where they see, that they are part of the whole picture of their company’s success. Everyone wants to work for winning companies and be on a winning team.

By getting your entire staff involved, you are establishing a culture where everyone feels a sense of ownership. They aren’t just doing mundane, daily tasks. They are part of a team that works together towards a common goal.