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Episode 5 : Humility Published: 06-01-17


Humility is an often overlooked business trait that many younger managers and employees are unfamiliar with, in the workplace. And it applies to some older managers as well. But humility is a character trait that every manager and employee should work hard to develop. Humility magnifies all your other positive attributes, without you having to point them out to others. Humility lets you be confident and comfortable in your abilities, without having a huge ego. It endears your associates to …

Episode 4 : Motivation Published: 05-04-17


In this Podcast episode, Bob Mann shares real life lessons on how to become more motivated and how to remain motivated. Bob teaches the concept of internal motivation also known as Self-Motivation. You will learn what drives successful business individuals. At the end of the podcast, Bob shares top 5 reasons why the real achievers are self-motivated to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

Episode 3 : Building Relationships Published: 03-30-17


This podcast will help you build relationships and find the success and happiness you seek! Today we’re going to talk about RELATIONSHIPS and NETWORKING – Building strong business relationships is the most powerful job security and the best success tool. It is critical that you understand how important these relationships will evolve over the course of your career. NETWORKING done right, will deliver more RETURN ON INVESTMENT than any tool we use in business. There are 3 types of NETWORKS: …

EPISODE 2 : BUILDING A BETTER YOU Published: 02-27-17


Today, I am going to focus on YOU …. Specifically on BUILDING a BETTER YOU. Most everyone I know working today, are working hard for their employer ….. or if they own their own company, they are doing everything they can to grow their business….. and nothing wrong with that. That is what you are being paid to do. Everyone works hard to get promoted, or make more money, or bigger bonuses, job security; if you’re a business owner, you’re …

EPISODE 1 : 10 Lessons I Learned from My Dad to live a Successful Life Published: 02-07-17


Most of us growing up had someone or several someone’s in our lives that “influenced” us – made impressions on us while we were young – For some it was parents, or possibly one or more of your teachers at school, or maybe a coach, or a Sunday School teacher, or a Pastor or Clergyman…. But someone in your young life “influenced” you … GOOD or BAD …. And you carry some of those characteristics even today. People that “influence” …