Episode 3 : Building Relationships

Published: 03-30-17

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This podcast will help you build relationships and find the success and happiness you seek!

Today we’re going to talk about RELATIONSHIPS and NETWORKING – Building strong business relationships is the most powerful job security and the best success tool.

It is critical that you understand how important these relationships will evolve over the course of your career. NETWORKING done right, will deliver more RETURN ON INVESTMENT than any tool we use in business.

There are 3 types of NETWORKS:

  1. FRONTLINE NETWORKS– (or Business Light) those people in business with you or around that are casual business friends or just people you know and are friendly. You may end up with 40-100 of these — Hard to develop all of these into KEY RELATIONSHIPS, if for nothing else, the time constraint.
  2. LONGTIME ASSOCIATES – these are relationships you build with customers, peers, co-workers, associates, competitors, industry giants, etc over a long period and become closer than just acquaintances
  3. KEY BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS – these are Long Term, most likely LIFE-LONG TERM …..the select few that are super compatible, that mutually respect each other, quite possibly be a mentor in your past and generally have your best interest at heart (and you theirs) – Are a good sounding board and a good source of ideas for your business and you personally — As I mentioned at start of this Podcast – Treat them like jewels, because they are TREASURES !!!

BOBTALK is designed for you. it is my attempt to give back, as so many have given to me. It is intended to enlighten, to encourage, to remind you of things you already know, but are not using, for some, it’s a kick to your backside, to remind you that life is short and you need to get going – Hopefully it will be the ignition switch, to get you, to do “Whatever it Takes to get your career BOOMING and on the career path to GREATNESS !!!

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