Reviewing 2018 – Looking Ahead for 2019

As 2019 is rapidly approaching, it’s time to reflect on 2018: your kids and family, your romantic life, your joy in life. Consider, too, your accomplishments as well as your failures. I usually do not ask people to look backward in their lives because you cannot live in the past nor can you change the past.

However, as we get nearer to closing out 2018, I want you to look back briefly – be proud of the things you have accomplished and celebrate all the good things that happened this year. Look back at your failures or things that did not go as well as you had anticipated. Did you give 100% focus and effort on the areas that were your shortcomings? Was there something you could have done that might have flipped the failures to successes? Make a note to yourself so you won’t repeat your mistakes.

Were you the caring husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, or did you take out your frustrations and hostilities on the people closest to you? As you look forward into 2019, what will you do differently to be a better, more involved significant other-or just a better person-in all your relationships? You are the only person you can control, so it starts and ends with you. Make sure you are sending the right signals to others in your life because you get back what you send out. Smile more, laugh more, take more interest in others, and don’t make everything about just you.

Looking forward
Various successful, brilliant people have been attributed with this quote over the years, and it’s true no matter who said it first:
“If you keep doing what you have been doing, you are going to keep getting, what you’ve been getting. If you want to change what you’ve been getting, you’ve got to change what you’ve been doing.”

If you want more money, a better job, deeper relationships whatever it is, it is up to you. You alone have the power to change your behavior, it won’t happen by chance. As your attitude gains positive momentum, you’ll be amazed at how that carries over into your professional life. Good things will start happening all around you.

You must stay aware of what you need to do, and you must be intentional about the changes you make. Nothing happens by accident. As I’m always telling people, “If it is to be, it is up to me.” You cannot wait for someone else to be the catalyst for change.

No one is entitled to a great career, great life, great family, perfect romance, or perfect job. Whether or not you realize it, having been born and raised in the USA you have already won the “Life Lottery.” Nowhere else on earth is there a place that offers the opportunities for success and happiness as are available here. But, there are no guarantees—you are only entitled to the rewards of your hard work, your creative mind and the focus you put on your success and happiness. So now, as you venture forth into the new year with perspective and insight, I wish you the greatest success and happiness in 2019.

Bob Mann