Anyone who has been around a 3-year old or 4-year old knows something about children of that age group without a doubt: they are the best salesmen out there.

Think I’m wrong? I challenge you to spend an afternoon with this age set and not get convinced to do, say or even buy something. I know if I were that determined to get my way I’d be rich!

Now, let’s look at adults. What do you think of when you hear “sales?” Unfortunately, sometimes the idea of being in sales has a negative connotation. I’m here to tell you that I know from personal experience that not only is salesmanship is one of the noblest professions, but we act as salesmen every day no matter what industry we’re in.

People who take on sales as a profession are joining a noble cause and those who truly understand this will always be the most successful. The sales industry is about influence and leadership. In fact, sales and leadership go hand-in-hand. Think of it this way: a salesman is someone who is inspiring and knowledgeable enough to win people to his or her side.

That leads me to my second point that we are all engaged in sales transactions every day, no matter our profession. Throughout our lives, we are all involved in various kinds of sales transactions, and I don’t mean just those where money changes hands! We each work to get others to buy into our ideas and plans.

Ultimately, nothing happens until some type of sale is made because it takes one person convincing another (or more) to come alongside them in the transaction. This is true whether you’re selling cars, you’re a production manager trying to get your team to meet its production quota, or you’re a football coach working to get your players to perform. Sometimes a sale is just someone trying to get their point across in an argument.

Why do I say all this? It’s important to understand the role that sales has in each of our lives. If you’re the one trying to get someone to buy in, you must understand how to influence that person positively. If you’re the one someone is attempting to influence, you must understand that you are being sold to otherwise you won’t know how to respond.

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