Take Time To Tickle Your Funnybone


Wake up your employees with Bob Mann’s entertaining but highly relevant keynote speech about the importance of humor in the workplace. Humor is a basic human bond, and this presentation can help you laugh your way to success.

What is true for the world in general is especially true for the workforce. Humor relieves stress, and the workplace is often among the most stressful locations in people’s lives. Stress kills more people than cancer, and businesses need to take an active role in decreasing that stress while actually increasing productivity by using humor in a variety of places and ways. Employees may actually seek humor rather than searching for things to complain about.

Participants will learn how to:

* Use recollections of humor situations to improve productivity

* Discover the humor in any situation

* Change the attitudes of employees about management through humor

* Decrease employee “out days” while increasing retention thanks to a more pleasant work environment.

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