The Best Advice I Have Ever Received

”Laughter is God’s hand on the shoulder of a troubled world.”
Minnie Pearl, Comedian

Stress kills more people than cancer – and the workplace is often among the most stressful locations in people’s lives. Businesses can take a more active role in lightening the atmosphere with humor. Doing so can lower stress and increase productivity.

You’ve gotta find and fit a little humor into your life if you’re gonna be successful and happy. Make work fun. It reduces stress and it can cut down on employees’ out days because they don’t want to miss anything. They come to work happier and do a better job.

For instance, you can always recall something humorous that happened at work with one of your team members and enjoy telling those stories. Sometimes those stories can get a little out of hand and continue to grow, but it’s still fun. You might even find that the general workplace climate shifts to something more positive. Your team members may actually seek humor rather than searching for things to complain about. This is certainly a more adaptable mindset. Adaptability allows a person to cope more effectively with tension, overcome obstacles, can provide flexibility in problem-solving, and opens the door for creativity to flow more freely.

Most of us spend a third of our day (some even more) with or involved in some way with our team members. That’s a lot of time to spend with people to whom we are not connected in some way. Humor is a basic human bond. And when a team bonds, they work together more efficiently. Many hands make light work.


“It’s okay to laugh at work. You’ve gotta have a little effort, you gotta have a little fun, you gotta have a little laughter in your life if you’re gonna get the stress and anxiety away from you.” – Bob Mann