The Value of Gaining and Keeping Customer Trust

Trust is probably the strongest word in business and your personal life. Regardless of what you think or say, people are turned off completely if they feel they cannot trust you. Everything in your life revolves around trust and how people view you.

George MacDonald said, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” Trust runs right to the core of our lives. In business and even with your family and friends, nothing could be truer. Trust is not easily gained, and it takes time to develop.

One of the key components of the success of Club Marketing was the trust and respect we gained over the 27 years we sold to Walmart and Sam’s Club. We talked about it with our people all the time; to do the right thing for the customer. Good or bad, do the right thing and never lie to your customer. Once the seal of trust is broken, it can unravel even the best of companies and the divide may be so great that it will take years to recover.

In today’s environment, with all the knowledge at your fingertips through the internet, trust must also be accompanied with transparency. You may be telling someone something that you 100% believe to be true, but the person receiving the information from you might not be sold 100% on what you are telling them. You need to know for sure that if the buyer Googles the information, they will find that what you were saying was completely accurate. You need to show transparency to remain trustworthy to that buyer. You may be telling the buyer something that you feel is absolutely true – just make sure when you are fact-checked, you come out clean.

I’ve often heard it said that, “People do business with the people they know, like and trust” and I believe that. Now, a customer is not going to give you their business if you have inferior product or your product doesn’t do exactly what you say it will do. The performance of your product has to be first, but with all other things being equal, the buyer will continue buying from the person they know, like and trust. I would also add that if your product doesn’t perform as you promise, that will diminish trust!

Guard your words and actions on trustworthiness as if it were gold because ultimately, it will be worth much more than gold.