Top 3 Grocery Retail Events To Attend Before The End Of 2022

In-person industry and trade events are beginning to make a comeback as people are easing into the “new normal.” Some of the major shows got an early start in the first part of the year, but it isn’t too late to get in on some good info and networking. Here are three of the many events remaining in 2022, presented in chronological order:

I’ll leave it up to you to click those links and read about the events. However, I would like to offer 4 tips for getting the most out of trade and industry shows.

Continuous learning tool

I can’t talk about the value of continuous learning enough! The truth is that changes happen daily in most industries. With the world having spent the past 3 years or so steeped in pandemic survival and adaptation mode, learning about these changes is crucial to the survival of your business.

Here’s the thing, though. You need to be selective about what shows you attend and who you meet with. Go with a plan in place so you stay focused.
One potential issue is alcohol. I’ve seen too many sales guys treat shows as one big party. Exhibitors have cocktail parties or open bars and it’s hard for some to pass those up. You don’t have to give them up entirely, just be smart and don’t overindulge.

Trade shows should always be used as a learning opportunity for their attendees and as a platform for vendors to showcase their products. This knowledge is key to your research before you attend. Know who will be there and who you want to make sure to see at the show. This will maximize your own learning and help you make the most effective connections with vendors and potential clients.

Keep in mind: it’s incredibly difficult in today’s business culture to get a face-to-face with top executives within any industry. Trade shows allow you that opportunity.

Networking is key

Most people know that networking is important for growing your business. This is especially true for salespeople. Trade shows offer excellent networking opportunities with both suppliers you already work with and your competition. Trade shows are also a perfect place to make new connections and build on those relationships.

Many suppliers and customers attend trade shows to look for new talent as well as new ideas that help expand their knowledge and contact base. These events make it possible to maximize your leads all in one place and keep your networking-related costs down.

Have goals for the show

Remember that plan I said you should have? Here’s how you put it together. The plan needs to come from the goals you establish for the trade show. Distinct goals are mandatory if you’re wanting to have a profitable experience.

Do your homework and decide ahead of time how you’re going to allocate your time. This will allow you to see all your key targets for meetings. Reaching out to them ahead of the show to schedule a time to meet with suppliers and anyone else you want to see can help make it happen.

These meetings are important for several reasons. True, connections are made, but you might even be able to save money. Many vendors will offer price deals if orders are written during the show. If you’ve already done your research and are prepared, you are more likely to be able to take advantage of these deals.

Follow up with your contacts

Follow-up is critical because it turns leads into sales. If you continue to show interest and follow up with the people you met, I am confident it will be profitable. Both customers and suppliers need some form of capture method for critical contacts they meet during the show. What’s more, they both need to take those captured contacts and follow up. Without the follow-up, there is no reason to attend.