Insight for Sales Professionals

1. Develop your core business
Have an idea, plan or vision that you want to build, that is different and adds value, but be willing to adjust as markets and different circumstances as they appear.

2. People are the greatest asset
Hiring good people and getting them to buy into our culture and our thinking.

3. Out-work the competition

Set yourself apart from the rest of our competitors by worked diligently to add to the proposition.

4. Be prepared
Before we even set an appointment with a customer or a prospect. Make sure you have the right product, the correct packaging, the accurate cost and the right promotional plan for the right Capacity.
Learn the five P’s – Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Creative Business Success Ideas

Bob shares with the audience what he learned from two decades of leadership experience in a very successful company. The operations made companywide training a priority which in turn created the most effective sales team. Investing into employees sustained years of success and lead to the company’s buyout at its peak. During the presentation, Bob shares the Million Dollar Question. Yes, ONE single question brought millions of dollars to his team for years.


Business owners, career-minded individuals, and anyone wanting to take the next level in business.

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