Value of Role Playing


Bob Mann knows how to take the universally disliked breakout role-playing activity and turn it into success where second chances don’t exist. The more highly placed in a company a person is, the more the resistance; but persistence pays off because role-playing works. Bob Mann will show you how to get there with a high-energy presentation that grabs audience attention and increases everyone’s desire to try.

A casual meeting in an elevator, at a grocery store, or even at a ballgame is a business prospect without a second chance. The often asked, “What do you do?” needs a concise and focused response to engage the prospect. Next comes an awareness of the competition so prospect objections and questions can be deftly eliminated. Imaginative employees playing the role of the prospect will undoubtedly come up with humorous but important responses that will truly prepare everyone.

Participants will learn the importance of:

* Training field people to build relationships as a way of gaining information

* Training supervisors to be open to the suggestions and ideas of those they oversee

* Networking so everyone looks to you as the top player in the business.

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